When You Try To Eat Healthy

(funky music) – All right, well, I know what I’m getting. Do you know what you’re getting? – You know, I’m just gonna get a salad. I am trying to do this whole healthy thing, so, just a salad. – [Voiceover] Cool. – Does it contain any additives? Was it raised on a farm? Is this range free? – They’re bagels. – [Quinta] What about you, what you gettin’? – Um, I’m gonna get the ribs and beer. – Okay. Cool. – It tastes good? – Yeah, it tastes good. – Really? – [Quinta] Yes, that is true. – You don’t seem to be enjoying it. – You can have a bite. – [Quinta] No, I’m good, I’m straight. – [Voiceover] You kind of look like you’re gonna cry. – No, I’m good. Why’s he put guacamole… in an onion ring? He put guacamole in an onion ring. – Why are you doing this to yourself? – [Quinta] I wanna live long. – [Voiceover] Really? – [Quinta] I want to live long, I want to prosper. – [Voiceover] Yeah? – [Quinta] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Sure? Just saw Star Trek, is that what that was? – [Quinta] No. – [Voiceover] Feel like it is. – That’s an actual quote I came up with myself. Excuse me, miss? Uh, yeah, could you put the gluten back into the cookie by any chance? – [Voiceover] No.

– Okay. I just wanted to see what the possibilities were. Thank you. – [Voiceover] Okay, we do have some vegan options. – Nope, thank you. Damn you, Amos. Damn you and your fame! Do you have to eat that Oreo right here? – [Voiceover] I do. – You have to eat it right here? – Right here. This one is still right in front of you, so. Okay. All right. Oh, well. That was uncalled for and unnecessary. – Pistachios are weird. – [Voiceover] They’re weird. It’s a weird, I don’t even know what that is.

Why are they always half open?.

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