Make other people’s content work for YOUR business…..


Imagine being able to leverage other people’s content for your own marketing in a legal, ethical way that both delivers value to your users, and is still a marketing win.

And that is exactly what you can do with our new app InstantOverlay.

InstantOverlay adds overlays to any website, even websites you don’t own.

Check it out now at:

These aren’t just any boring static overlay, but truly dynamic, animated overlays that can contain anything you like, and be triggered when you want them to be.

I’m talking overlays with video, optin forms, buttons, text, images…anything you like. You can set them to appear at a certain time or even as an exit popup.

This means you can do things like send your visitors to an interesting article, but add your optin form as an overlay so they still join your list.

…or, you could make a video reviewing a product and have that overlaid a page where they can buy the product.

The options are almost endless.

Check it out now at:


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