5 Reasons To Be Grateful For Struggle

5 Reasons To Be Grateful For Struggle

Have you ever asked yourself why you always want more? You want to make yourself better, get that promotion, earn more money, win the lottery, a new car, a bigger house, another pet, to travel more frequently. It’s natural to pine for new things and to aim your sights high.

The problem with that, though, is that we often take our eye off the ball and instead of living in the present, we become obsessed with the future and how everything will be better there. You can’t make everything better there without first putting in the work here.

The struggles that we face now do serve a purpose and while it isn’t something we enjoy or look forward to, we may be able to find reasons to be grateful for those struggles. Gratefulness is one of the key principles of happiness, so it makes sense that this can play such a major role in building a future.

1. It Could Be Worse
This might not sound like a reason to be grateful for struggle, but… do you have the food you need to survive and a roof to live under? You have the basics down and while that isn’t enough, for right now it is. Sometimes bringing yourself back to that thought is enough to remind you that you’ve already achieved so much in your life and the struggle you are faced with now is nothing that you haven’t already successfully navigated.

2. You Can See Through People
When you are struggling, you learn who your real friends are. While friends can be a great shoulder to lean on, sometimes fake friends sneak their way in and infiltrate your life and happiness. They are the first ones to run for the hills when things get tough. A real friend can sit by and listen to you cry about your struggle and ride through it with you. Those fake friends… they won’t, but that’s fine. You have an automatic cull removing those selfish people who aren’t in your life for the right reasons. You’ll always remember who was there for you in your greatest times of need.

3. You Rediscover Who You Really Are
You might wonder how this could possibly be true, but it is. Think about the darkest days you have ever experienced and now realize that you are still here and you are still standing. That is just how strong you are. Sometimes life can be brutal and when it repeatedly knocks you down it can be difficult to get back up.

Think about it like this – without rain, you don’t get any flowers. In keeping your head held high, you learn just how much you are capable of.

4. You Learn To Appreciate The Little Things
This is something that we all struggle with and it might take quite a bit of work for you to get there. Take time to savor your morning cup of coffee, appreciate the effort to bring donuts into the office, appreciate how great your hair looks this morning, and spread love wherever you go. While you appreciate those little things, you can also start being that little thing in the lives of other people. Think about how you struggle and an act of kindness can change your day – now replicate that for others.

5. Struggle is Building You Up
It might feel like your struggles are trying to tear you down, but really, they are building you back up. It’s difficult to think of struggles as being a blessing, but the blessing comes from your response to those struggles. That you get back up to fight another day. What is the most difficult type of struggle to cope with? One that you have no control over. You learn to cope and when you know how to cope, you learn how to succeed.

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